Josie and David share a common passion, gardening. They have a beautiful and sustainable garden that includes Josie’s bonsais and worm farming with David’s long love for composting.  All components of their garden are well looked after and all the unique plants bloom happily.

Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd, Josie and David opened up their garden to friends and members of the BSA. Each gave tours on different aspects of their garden and provided us with morning tea and some delicious cakes.

While Josie offered generous clippings of her plants to all who came to look around, David gave inspiring talks on his composting haven. The garden surrounding Josie and David’s home is magnificent. Not only do they have unique and flourishing plants, they have live chickens.

Their functional and sustainable garden is an example of creativity and true passion.

Josie and David are so kind in allowing visitors to their garden, showing the respect and warmth to each person who enters. They do their best in sharing their knowledge to everyone.

Below are the photos of their Garden, enjoy!

Thank you

Anastasiya.P – Guest