I went to Bunnings to get some Seamungus to give my bonsai a shot in the arm but the only size they had was more than I could use, more than I could carry. Forget that. So I turned to Neutrog’s GoGo Juice which is a pro-biotic liquid for soil and plants, teeming with beneficial microbiology. It is not a fertiliser but a stimulant.

After several applications a fortnight apart my elms outdid any previous year in foliage development – beautiful, healthy leaves; including ‘The Laggard’, an elm that underwent a massive cutback two years ago and has never looked like dying but has not grown well since most of it was surgically removed. This spring leaves are busting out all over and they are healthy leaves, no longer tinged with grey. This is an elm with a lot of potential that has never come to fruition until now. My other trees are equally healthy and doing well (except the very healthy Leptospermum petersonii that refuses to shoot back on old wood0.

Amanda swears by Seamungus and she is quite right in her opinion. Not being able to access a suitable size of Seamungus I have switched to GoGo Juice and now I swear by it. I have used Neutrog as a general garden fertiliser and the South Australian based company has a fine reputation. All those roses at Flemington…are  fed with Sudden Impact for Roses by Neutrog.   

This is not a paid commercial, I am just sharing the success of a product readily available in a convenient size and nicely priced. This year I have more plants in early training than I have ever had and I need them to thicken and/or develop foliage. I am trying to change my slack ways of fertilising and treating my trees with GoGo Juice once a fortnight and various fertilisers the week in between. Everyone gets GoGo Juice, exotic, natives, whatever species is on my bench. No one is having any ill effects, quite the contrary.  GoGo Juice is increasing the need for pruning but that is a joy in itself to see the bonsai doing so well.