Kokedama is a traditional Japanese art form that uses moss as a container to hold a plant. Usually used as companion plants for display kokodama are fun to make and easy to maintain. These notes come from a workshop I did earlier in the year and courtesy of the Sydney Flower School.


  • a plant (air plants and succulents work best but your imagination is your only limit)
  • 7:3 ratio of peat soil and premium potting mix
  • water
  • dry sphagnum moss
  • scissors
  • twine


  • soak sphagnum moss in a container of water for 30 minutes
  • gently remove your chosen plant from its pot, shaking most of the soil from its roots but being careful not to disturb the plant or roots
  • mix peat soil, potting mix and water, squishing it all nicely together
  • squeeze out the majority of the water to make a tight, compact ball
  • use your thumbs to gently pull the ball into two halves
  • place the plant between the 2 halves and press and pack it tight to form a nice round ball around the roots
  • using squeezed dried sphagnum, pack it around the soil ball until you have completely covered it and have a solid, round ball
  • knot a long piece of twine tightly and wrap and continue wrapping it around the ball until you are confident that it is holding together and you have achieved a solid round shape