The subject of wind-burn is a HOT subject in summer and particularly relevant given the windy weather we have been experiencing recently. Actually, the cause of damage to contained plants is NOT necessarily SUN or WIND but lack of moisture to the potting mixture.

Vita and myself experimented with this subject (potting mixtures) over many years.  Our long, long bonsai association (well over eighty when combined) was concerned with improving techniques and in Australia as opposed to Asia where their techniques are not applicable to Australia. One was that sand, soil and peat were required for potting mixtures, which was a disastrous mistake, but these subjects will be dealt with in future articles. This subject follows…

To understand drying out we always had at least two units for testing the resultant recovery, The first was a tree with drooping foliage in a slightly dry container and the other was a plant with burnt leaves that had become far too dry. Both were placed in a tub full of water. Both recovered in three days.

So how to avoid these situations with too many plants to contend with? Water well and before the hottest time of the day- don’t wait for nature’s call to action. Don’t forget foliage, as foliage cannot wait when both roots and foliage are drying.

If both foliage and roots become dry for whatever reason, dunk the plant in a tub of water, covering foliage as well if possible. Otherwise encase within plastic (like a mini, sealed greenhouse) for both situations at least three days. This sends the plant into what I have termed  a medical coma and may resuscitate your comatose plant. Applying this technique will save plants with burnt leaves and unfortunately dried roots. This technique is able to save your bonsai and its growing time.