Next year our monthly workshops will change a little with four being dedicated to specific topics and skills and the other seven having suggestions for timely work. You can still bring what you would like to work on or the suggested species.

18th January Root Over Rock: Figs
19th April Cascades
19th July Table
TBA Group Settings

Workshop Notes – January

This is the best time of year for working on tropical plants such as figs of all species and bougainvilleas. They can be root pruned and repotted. Other trees can also be worked on (top only), shaping, wiring and pruning as desired. Generally, work on the foliage of your trees can be done at any time of the year, but there are specific seasons (months) that you are able to repot with a greater chance of success.

For our workshop participants, each month we will have a short section in our newsletter from now on, suggesting the most appropriate trees to bring to the workshop. Of course, you are still able to bring anything you like, as this isn’t prescriptive. Some months in 2022 we will also be offering special focus workshops; where we will be teaching (and hoping you will participate in) skills such as growing root over rock, and other things to be announced in due course.

Watch this space!