Nine members attended our workshop last month and had an interesting time doing Root over Rock figs. Some trees created at last year’s Root over Rock workshop had their roots exposed to check on progress. Of these, a few needed adjustments in their position on the rock, roots trimmed or more sphagnum moss added. They were then repotted into their plastic containers to grow on for another year.

Some figs previously placed over rocks had roots gripping their rocks well and were able to be exposed, but were replaced in their plastic pot to grow on, eventually to be placed in a shallow pot in the next year or so.

A few members also worked on other species, trimming and tidying them. It was an enjoyable and busy night.

It’s not too late to work on tropical plants, such as figs and bougainvillea, this month but as the nights get cooler, it’s not so wise. They can be very slow to recover if they are root pruned too late in the season.

We don’t have any specific suggestions as to what you should bring to work on this month, but of course, all trees and their owners are most welcome.

As usual, if you are planning to repot a tree, it’s a good idea to bring along more than one pot to select from (if possible). Sometimes it’s difficult to tell what colour/depth/width will be best until you have removed the tree from the pot it’s currently planted in and started trimming and styling.