Last month at the workshop several members still chose to work on their figs, as well as some conifers. Figs were still able to be repotted, with the conifers just being tidied up or wired. Adrian used raffia on an advanced juniper that he wants to shape for its future styling.

This month is special, as Jarryd Bailey has provided the opportunity for members to attend an extra workshop, before our usual monthly meeting. Our normal workshop will still take place on the third Tuesday of the month.

Normally, as the night’s get cooler in March, it’s too late to do any more work on figs. Although, if you still have things to do and need to do a late repot, you may get away with it if you are prepared to move the tree indoors to where it’s warm each night and place it in a sunny spot each day for a few weeks.
March is a great time to tidy up conifers including pines, and trim back any excess growth on your deciduous bonsai, although, as usual, you can bring along anything you think needs some attention.