All members are reminded that in December there is no workshop meeting on the 3rd Tuesday, but our normal monthly meeting for December (1st Tuesday) is a workshop meeting, with a focus on figs.

Our workshop meetings for 2024 will resume in January next year, the third Tuesday of the month, as normal.
Our January workshop will have a special focus on how to create a root over rock setting for your bonsai collection. This will be fun for members who have never done this before to learn, but also for members who’ve done it before and want to repeat the experience.

To take part in this activity you will need to bring the following: a tree (figs are appropriate at this time of year), a suitable rock of your choice, a deep pot (probably a 200mm or larger is most suitable) & bonsai soil. You will also require sphagnum moss & muck.

You may also have a root over rock style that you have made before, but would like to do the big expose during this workshop. In this case, you will also need to bring a pot suitable for your tree & potting soil.
It should be a fun evening.

Of course, if you don’t want to take part in this activity, you are welcome to bring any other trees that you would like to work on for the evening.