We are having a new look evening with all new games with the aim of raising some funds for your club while having some fun.
What to bring:

  • Yourself and a partner or friend for a fun night
  • A plate with some goodies for our Christmas feast. Ingrid is making her famous punch and there will be tea and coffee if needed.
  • A decorated tree, no competition, just something ‘Christmasy’, song or movie related or just something to entertain your fellow members.
  • A TOMBOLA- a small gift (bonsai related if possible but if not don’t worry). We hope to raise some money so we can continue to have more great demonstrators like we managed this year. So please bring as many gifts as possible the more the better. Wrapped or unwrapped it makes your choice even harder and more fun.  The Bonsai Society will be supplying some special gifts as well.

There will be a lucky door prize; you don’t have to do anything except collect your ticket.
So come along and have some fun!