The recent rain and generally calm weather has meant that my bonsai haven’t needed a lot of watering or attention, although this cannot go on for much longer. I am aware that there is still plenty to do, so I need to get on with it!

Winter has well and truly arrived, and it’s time for the repotting of deciduous trees, if you haven’t already started. Some of the species you should be working on include maples, liquidambars, elms, crabapples, wisteria, flowering prunus of all types and ashes. Bear in mind that any trimming of flowering bonsai at this time is likely to reduce the quantity of flowers you have in spring. Any severe pruning of the top should wait until after flowering has finished in early spring.

Keep clearing up any wayward weeds and fallen leaves and continue vigilance with watering. Care needs to be taken not to overwater during winter, as this may lead to fungal root problems. Deciduous trees in particular, are much slower to dry out while they are in their dormant phase.

Check and remove or rewire any from your trees that were wired during the growing season if the wire is biting in. Winter is also a good time to check the outline of deciduous trees while leaves are not blocking your view. Trim back as appropriate. Always make sure that you prune back to a spot just above a bud pointing in the direction where you want to see future growth, if possible.

Happy repotting!