An elm that has greatly benefited from GoGo Juice.

March 2018 – Well, the lower trunk was nice, and I thought the lower left branch would be the new apex.

However, it thought differently and died, the little devil. I stripped the bark off the jin but obviously left a remnant because I have a branch emanating from that at the back.

Growth after two years…. stretching, not much thickening and no padding.

Several applications of GoGo Juice over the last couple of months and it has shot wonderfully well.

A spring trim to concentrate growth. It needs a couple more years to have the branches thicken, the foliage pads to develop further. I wired it a month or so ago and I am waiting for another month or two to take the wire off and then I will put heavier wire on the leader and change the position to correct the balance of the tree.

But for the moment regular servings of GoGo Juice and fertiliser to see how much it can improve over the growing season. A big change from the two horned stock plant I bought because I felt the trunk had promise. Swing the apical trunk closer to the jin and the promise greatly increases