As usual, the Illawarra Bonsai Society’s Tops Weekend was great fun with lots to learn. The ‘all women cast’ did not disappoint with our own Paulette De Martin, Avril Stanley (Brisbane) and Ruth McClucas (Canberra Native Bonsai Club) each bringing an interesting and individual direction to the weekend. Paulette spoke about making her lightweight trays for large settings (BSA Newsletter, April 2017), Avril demonstrated how to use beautiful deadwood to create the illusion of an old tree (something to think about as we do not have the yamadori opportunities that Europe or the USA have) and Ruth McClucas discussed Australian natives for bonsai with a focus on grevillea. Add this to fantastic workshops with Avril or making soes with Brenda Parker, diazas with George Reises, pots with Janet Selby or polystyrene mountains with Lynette Smith, there was something to keep everyone entertained.
If you have never been to a Tops Weekend, I would really encourage you to think about going next year, it’s such fun!