With only two weeks to go until our show, hopefully you’ve chosen your display and they are looking good.

We hope to better label the trees this year returning to the previous format of common name, scientific name and years in training so, as this will take a bit of time to organise we will need your trees’ descriptions in advance. Please, if you are thinking of displaying any of your trees email these details to Michele () or Amanda () so we can start making the labels. There is so much to do at the last minute, so sooner rather than later would be appreciated.

It is fun to be involved with the show and the committee would encourage you to participate not only by attending but by also displaying your trees. The more trees, the better the show!
In other show news, Denise Allen will be this year’s potter and will be selling her pots on Saturday 15th September only. Pre-loved pots will be available on the other days so if you need to make some room on the shelves think about selling those pots you no longer want. Speak to Maureen at this month’s demonstration to organise this.

This month’s offerings include those famous last words ‘I’m not getting any trees I can’t lift’ but fortunately this large Japanese beech only had to move next door, the next instalment on the air-layered zelkova and the creating of a Shohin crabapple.


Zelkova Air-Layer continues