The late Max Candy's Port Jackson fig

The late Max Candy’s Port Jackson fig (Ficus rubiginosa) from the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection of Australia.

This month is a workshop meeting focusing on ficus. There will be short demonstration/ discussion on figs and the rest of the evening will be an opportunity to work on your own figs. Andrew, Ingrid, Paulette and Sam are extremely knowledgeable about ficus and will be able to give advice on styling, answer your horticultural questions or just help get that perfect position if you are repotting.

a willow-leaf fig and a Green Island fig

Some more inspiration from the NBPCA, a willow-leaf fig and a Green Island fig

It’s the right time to work on figs, so why not trim, defoliate or even repot your trees in like-minded company? Please bring your trees and necessary equipment and join in. We all have figs (probably several) in our collections, so let’s work on them on Tuesday and knock a few off the ‘to do’ list!