Our workshop last month was interesting, with members creating root over rock fig bonsais. Ian generously provided the expertise as well as the necessary muck and sphagnum moss to make it happen. One member’s tree that had been placed on a rock a couple of years ago was checked for root development and root pruning. It is progressing well and should be able to be placed in a shallow pot in the next year or so. However, until that time, the roots are recovered and them tree left to grow to encourage vigorous root growth.

If you missed the last workshop, it’s not too late to work on tropical plants such as figs this month, but as the nights get cooler it’s not so wise. They can be very slow to recover if they are root pruned too late in the season.

This month is a general workshop so we don’t have any specific suggestions as to what you should bring to work on but as usual, all trees and their owners are most welcome. Last month Ian was able to provide muck and sphagnum moss for any who required it for their root over rock designs, but if you need such supplies this month, you will need to bring them along for yourself. If you are planning to repot a tree, it’s a good idea to bring along more than one pot to select from (if possible). Sometimes it’s difficult to tell what colour/depth/width will be best until you have removed the tree from the pot it’s currently planted in.