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Things to do in May

By now deciduous bonsai should be placed in full sun, not only will beautiful autumn colour result but the new buds will also be exposed to the warmth of the sun. Conifers should be given the benefit of as much […]

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Things to do in April

The weather is still very warm, so you may continue fertilising until the end of April with a high potassium fertiliser for all bonsai except natives, as this will assist in preventing winter die back in flowering trees, maples and […]

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Things to do in February

Beware the hot summer month of February. A few tips for these hot summer days. Keep your Maples under shade to avoid burning of leaves by heat and wind. Immersing pots in water on a regular basis helps keep plants […]

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Things to do in December

December is a slightly quieter time for bonsai tasks than other months. However, spring growth will continue and one must be mindful of keeping vigor-ous tree trimmed to encourage short internodes. Fast growing trees can be trimmed back to two […]

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Things to do in October

Continue trimming back growth to encourage short intermodal space which will mean finer branching. Maples are notorious for requiring constant at-tention at this time. The more diligent you are at this time of year the better the ramification. Weather can […]

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