Despite the cancellation of the Earth and Fire Pot Display and Sale at the end of the month and the Central Coast Sales Day mid August, hopefully lockdown will be well and truly over before our show. So just a few reminders from the show committee:

  • • Keep preparing your trees
  • • Please email Ian White:
    or Allan Harding:
    with the common name, botanical name and roughly when the tree started bonsai training (eg Tea Tree, Leptospermun, in training since 2010) of the trees you plan to exhibit. This allows us to make the labels in a timely fashion.
  • • Please include a rough ‘guesstimate’ of the tree’s size so the layout of the display can be roughly organised. An easy guide would be: small- one hand span including pot, medium- two hand spans and large- more than two hand spans.
  • • Don’t forget this is a club show and your trees are important whatever the level of their development. Our club has members who are beginners to highly skilled artists and all should be represented in the show. After all, it is our show!