As always, the team at the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection of Australia in Canberra organised an excellent event in Bonsai Reshaped. The workshops with Scott Martin and Jarryd Bailey were full and enjoyed greatly by all those involved. All trees moved to a new level, whether in development or refinement.

Before and after juniper from one of Scott Martin’s workshops.

The simultaneous demonstrations were most interesting and informative. Kusamono and Ikebana dovetailed nicely with their focus on the natural and theatrical elements of their construction and the contrast between Khanh Linh’s landscape and traditional versus naturalist bonsai was fascinating. Talk about something for everyone as well as something for everyone to think about. Tracey Francis finished the day with a talk about the perils of bonsai pot making which was entertaining and informative. Needless to say the market was a great success.

A most enjoyable way to spend a weekend in Canberra!