It’s always fun to attend the Canberra Bonsai Society’s annual show. As usual, there was a good mix of native and exotic trees in various stages of development representing the range of its members which were well displayed, interesting demonstrations each day and a terrific market place.

The club asks members for a description of the trees they display. Below are a few highlights to whet your appetite for next year’s show. Combined with a trip to the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection of Australia at the National Arboretum and Floriade it makes for an interesting weekend.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree
Leptospermum scoparium ‘Aphrodite’
Tree age seven years
Styled since 2019
Pot origin unknown
This tree was acquired as a bonsai starter plant in 2016 from Shibui Nursery. Its small leaves, good response to pruning and its flowers, make it a great Australian native bonsai.

Fringe myrtle

Fringe myrtle
Calytrix tetragona ‘Prostrate Pink’
Tree age about eight years
Styled since about 2013
Pot by Roget Hnatiuk, Australia
Prostrate plants can be found in rocky places. This little ‘tree’ hugs the cliff top, spreading its branches seemingly oblivious to the chasm below.
Its gentle pink blossoms belie the harshness of the landscape around. It brings joy to bushwalkers who venture near.


Wisteriopsis japonica ‘Hime Fuji’
Tree age 17 years
Styled since 2008
Pot unknown
A deciduous tree that grows vigorously during spring.

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple
Acer palmatum
Tree age 38 years
Styled since 1986
Pot origin Australia

Saw banksia
Banksia serrata
Tree age more than 25 years
Styled since early 2015
Pot origin China
The banksia was originally grown by Will Fletcher for many years in Tasmania. Then Jarryd Bailey from Montane Bonsai acquired the tree as nursery stock and created the bonsai you see today. The tree is displayed on a custom, rustic metal stand made by the owner.


Kunzea phylicoides
Tree age 80 years
Styled since 2020
Pot by Penny Davis, Australia
Bonsai exhibitions are a great way for all enthusiasts who want to evoke a memory and tell their story.