Once again, our show will be held in the large Harvey Lowe Pavilion, so this is a reminder to get your trees ready for show. There is no show without trees, YOUR TREES! So please consider showing a tree or two. The Show Committee invites all members to be involved regardless of experience. Start now and get your trees looking their best for September.

Would you please advise Amanda at of the tree/s you intend to show. Include the common name, botanical name and the year the tree started training (or a guesstimate). E.g.
Common name: Chinese elm
Botanical name: Ulmus parvifolia
In training since 2001

I would appreciate these as soon as possible as the show is early this year and at the same time the newsletter is due. It will be impossible for me to create labels, laminate them and cut them to shape as well as create a newsletter, prepare my trees for the show and help with the show setup and show proper.