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What to do when…

Note I am not trying to say that all our members are beginners. I have seen most of your trees and I stand in awe of the talented members in our society. However there are some new members and I […]

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Things to do in April

The weather is still very warm, so you may continue fertilising until the end of April with a high potassium fertiliser for all bonsai except natives, as this will assist in preventing winter die back in flowering trees, maples and […]

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Bonsai by the Harbour

Bonsai Federation of Australia Northern Inc Invites you to a weekend of  Bonsai by the Harbour A unique program will be presented with multiple demonstrations occurring throughout the day – a friendly, informal gathering of bonsai friends in a […]

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Things to do in February

Beware the hot summer month of February. A few tips for these hot summer days. Keep your Maples under shade to avoid burning of leaves by heat and wind. Immersing pots in water on a regular basis helps keep plants […]

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Things to do in December

December is a slightly quieter time for bonsai tasks than other months. However, spring growth will continue and one must be mindful of keeping vigor-ous tree trimmed to encourage short internodes. Fast growing trees can be trimmed back to two […]

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Things to do in October

Continue trimming back growth to encourage short intermodal space which will mean finer branching. Maples are notorious for requiring constant at-tention at this time. The more diligent you are at this time of year the better the ramification. Weather can […]

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Nature to Miniature – Another successful show

The Committee of the Society extends their heartiest thanks to all those who made the 2014 Annual Show a huge success.  Congratulations to all those members who displayed their trees over the weekend, it was one of the best collections […]

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