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Writing Revision from Joe Morgan-Payler

Anchor wire to two branches so you have maximum strength- no movement. Always use a heavier wire when in doubt. Old Japanese saying, ‘When the wind blows, the style changes.‘ Pinch last wrap and use the wire to turn-forming a […]

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Ficus (or figs) is a genus of close to 1000 different species which include trees, shrubs, vines and epiphytes all belonging to the mulberry family (Moraceae).  Some begin life as hemi epiphytes – seeds that are dispersed by birds and […]

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THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A SERIES PERTAINING TO POTTING MEDIUMS Dorothy Koreshoff O.A.M. ©️ reproduction by permission. I have spent what seems a lifetime with bonsai since marrying Vita Koreshoff in 1949 at the age of 18. He had […]

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Helpful Hint

It has been such a warm lead up to winter and many deciduous trees are yet to lose their leaves. For these trees a period of dormancy is important, so if your deciduous trees still have their foliage, it should […]

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