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Our Annual Show

We have our show dates at last and this means we have until mid-September (just six short weeks) to get our trees ready for display. Why not display a tree or two this year and get them ready at our […]

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Things to do in August

The days have finally started to get a bit warmer, although there are surely some cold nights still to come. For this reason any newly trimmed or repotted trees need protection from the weather, particularly if fresh, soft new growth […]

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July Demonstration: Leong Chong

How does one deal with helping students style trees over time? With one’s own trees there is an ongoing plan (hopefully!) and relationship but how does a bonsai teacher keep a tree moving forward that he/she may only see once […]

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Helpful Hint

It has been such a warm lead up to winter and many deciduous trees are yet to lose their leaves. For these trees a period of dormancy is important, so if your deciduous trees still have their foliage, it should […]

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June Demonstration: Joe Morgan-Payler

For this demonstration, Joe used a forty year old Japanese black pine that had once been part of a group setting planted on a slab. He chose this tree as it had character and good ramification with which to work […]

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Things to do in July

Now winter has well and truly arrived, it’s time to get going with the repotting of deciduous trees, if you haven’t already started. Some of the species you should be working on include crab-apples, maples, elms, wisteria, flowering prunus of […]

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